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07/05/07 - 3:25pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

So, I am FINALLY giving this journal a proper update. I don't know why I haven't been writing. Life has just been so crazy lately, it tires me out to even think of laying it all down neatly on a page.

I got a job for summer at Marble Slab Creamery. It was going well....until my boss just decided to not call me back. I mean, seriously - I didn't do anything wrong. I was as good at scooping ice cream as one can be. At first I thought she was just busy. But then after a week I called a few times to see what my hours were, and she never called back. Then I layed off, figuring it would be rude to keep bothering her. Still no call. It's been 3 weeks now. I have no idea what her problem is, but at this point I don't want to work there anymore. Anyone that lax and unprofessional is just toxic. So now I'm looking for something else, because I've had an epiphany - I LIKE having my own money to spend. :D

I finally finished Drivers Ed. That was the most boring 3 weeks of my life. Now I just need to take the permit test....again. When I went to take it the other day, I got 19 out of 25 questions correst, but you needed 20 right to pass.....just my luck. I was sort of anxious and nervous and had been waiting in the DMV for like 2 hours, so I guess I had a mini anxiety attack and didn't do as well. Oh, well - I guess the onely way we learn is by falling down, picking ourselves back up, and trying again.

Alex just called. It's so nice to hear his voice; I worry about him a lot. I always feel like such an idiot after I talk to him, though - I never know what to say, and he's at work, so conversation is lacking. There's too much sexual tension there, haha. Maybe I just need to work on being more eloquent around people. Anyway, Alex's 18th birthday is on August 1st.....I still don't really know what's going to happen. Neither does he. It's such a confusing situation. I guess I just have to take things day by day, and it will all fall into place, somehow.

I think my Dad is back from China now. I should really call him - he went to meet some woman from Match.com. I feel sort of immature for saying it, but I hope it didn't work out. He already made such a mistake with Esa; I thought he had learned something from it. Apparently not. It's strange how age really isn't an indicator of maturity or growth - some people just repeat the same things over and over again.

My 17th birthday is in a week and a half. I still don't know what I'm going to do. We might go up to NY to visit family and friends. I hope we do; I'm so lonely here. It's hard to sepdn holidays and birthdays in a place where you don't know anyone. Everyone I love is so far away - it gets hard sometimes.

Not much else is new - it's been sort of a blase summer. I went shopping yesterday and got a few cute things - I actually bought a tube top from Abercrombie that I thought was a skirt, lol. But hey, it actually works well as a skirt. I want to go shopping soon for some cute sundresses, plus minidresses, belts, flats, and lace up booties for fall. The problem is that everything this year seems to have an empire/babydoll style. Am I the only person who loathes this trend? I want to show up my waist, and the fact that I have a shape. I hate the way babydolls make you look like a sack of potatoes. Hopefully this trend will pass and a more tailored look will be in again.

Anyway, there isn't much on my agenda today. I've been watching a Dead Like Me marathon on and off all day. I have bad cramps so I probably won't do much else. I am getting really psyched for the midnight showing of Harry Potter next week, though. That should be awesome.

Well, I'm going to finish this up. I'll try to update a bit more often. I wonder if anyone actually reads my journal anymore, lol. Until next time.... - Kendall

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Amusing quiz I stole from Julie [Tuesday
05/22/07 - 5:56pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

What's Your Reputation at Hogwarts? (26 different characters)

Slytherin Bitch:House: SlytherinBest Friend(s): Draco, Pansy, and Blaise.GryffindorsHarry: Doesn't hate you, but doesn't like you that much either. The fact that you're a Slytherin keeps him away from you.Ron: Ignores you the best he can.Hermione: Judges you by your friends.Oliver Wood: Never really knew you that well because he was always practicing Quidditch.Fred and George Weasley: Admit you have a knack for playing pranks, but don't want to be your friend.Seamus Finnigan: Does his best to keep away from you.Neville Longbottom: Holds up a book everytime you pass to hide from you.Dean Thomas: Does whatever he can to stay on your good side.Ginny Weasley: Envies the power you hold over people.Parvati Patil: Wishes you were nicer to her so that you could be friends.Padma Patil: Wishes you weren't nicer to her sister because she wants to be your friend.HufflepuffsCedric Diggory: Thought you had family problems that made you so cruel, but never asked you about it.RavenclawsCho Chang: Avoids you.Slytherins</font>Draco Malfoy: Thinks the highest of you. He doesn't love you, but thinks you two would be the perfect couple. He always tries to impress you by picking on the people you hate or standing/sitting near you during classes. He loves how you play hard to get because he's sick of one night stands with girls he doesn't even like.Crabbe: Is actually a very nice person, you've found out, but he doesn't talk much.Goyle: Never looks at you because he's afraid that Draco will hex him.Pansy Parkinson: Is very civilized and doesn't hate you. She thinks of you as her best friend and has completely over come the fact that Draco holds no interest in her and in you instead.Marcus Flint: Always touches you: your hands, your arms, your hair. Anything he can reach, he'll touch.Blaise Zabini: Tries to be kind to you so that you won't date Draco and he can have you for himself.TeachersDumbledore: Hopes that you won't take the wrong path in your life.McGonnagall: Treats you as an equal even though you excel tremendously in her class.Professor Flitwick: Wants you to stop using your levitation skills to throw things at other students.Professor Trelawney: Has you stay after class everyday so that she can wish you the best on the rest of your "dangerous, yet short" life.Professor Snape: Pulls you out of your other classes sometimes to help him with his first year classes because of your skill and wisdom.Filch: Keeps his cat away from you at all expense.
Take this quiz!

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Beautiful Lucius Malfoy... [Saturday
11/18/06 - 4:49pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I&apos;m Mrs. Lucius Malfoy</a>

The HP Male Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.</center>

Speaking of Harry Potter, the OOTP trailer is awesome....I am so excited for the film!

My flight is tomorrow....London, here I come!!!

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Fantastic Occurances! [Wednesday
11/08/06 - 4:02pm]
[ mood | excited ]

RUMSFELD IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!! And Democrats are sweeping the elections, and Hillary Clinton has an even better shot now at the '08 presidental election. What a great day so far! :)

And I'll be in London two weeks from now!!! Plus I've now lost 36 pounds.

Wow, I normally never write entries this upbeat, haha. I'm just so elated that things may finally take a change for the better.
More later.... Kendall

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"Funny day, No one's here, In the morning rain there are no clouds, and I hear... 'Follow me'..." [Thursday
09/28/06 - 5:10pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Not much new here. Exhausting day. The sad thing is that days like this don't even feel like they mean anything. Simply dreary and tiresome. Life just better and better, doesn't it?
At least there's Survivor tonight - a bunch of hungry, angry, tired people trapped together on a deserted island....can you possibly find more entertaining reality tv? Haha.
Speaking of shows, Project Runway was really good last night - I'm kind of torn, I love Laura, Uli, Jeffrey, and Michael; so I'll be happy whoever wins.

The fall Dolce and Gabanna ads are so alluring and sexy. Pick up Vogue or Elle and you'll see - they look like dramatic scenes right out of 15th century Italy. Speaking, of fashion, I think I'll make a list just for fun!

Favorite Young Models

1. Hilary Rhoda - I love her - it's so rare these days that you actually see a beautiful, classic face in modeling. Forgive me, but this whole "alien baby doll" thing doesn't quite do it for me. Hilary is just so timeless and lovely; it's so refreshing to see. And I love her eyebrows.

2. Lily Cole - You don't see models with bright red hair very often. I love it, and think her fair, unique looks are gorgeous. She looks other worldly. I think all the bad press Lily got during London Fashion week was unfair - I've seen MUCH skinnier models than her. Either way, I think she'll continue to be successful.

3. Emina Cunmulaj - She's so pretty and unique. Though she has smaller eyes, she has a gorgeous face and such pretty, dark hair. Definitely one to watch.

4. Caroline Trentini - She's not one of the sexier models, nor an edgy girl like Bette or Irina, but she has a fresh faced, natural beauty that makes her stand out.

As for a model I'm not crazy about right now - Snejana. In her pictures from Milan Fashion Week, she's so skinny it's terrifying.

Ah, lists are fun. I should make them more often.

There are some awesome new pictures of the Order of the Phoenix cast! There are excellent shots of Dumbledore's Army, Umbridge, The Dursleys, Luna, and the trio. Evanna Lynch and Imelda Staunton look fantastic in the pictures - they 100% embody the characters as far as looks go. I hope they'll be just as great when acting. What I'm really waiting for, though, are pictures of Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix - I'm very curious to see what they'll have done with her make-up and wardrobe. The concept of how a film audience will perceive Bella is quite interesting. I also really want to see some pictures from the Department of Mysteries Battle, especially of Ralph Fiennes as Voldy and Jason Isaacs as Lucius.
I wish I was reading a lot of good fan fiction to keep me occupied, but unfortunately, none of my favorite authors seems to be updating! Please, someone recommend me something! Perhaps I'll just have to devote a long, sleepless night this weekend to scouring the various HP fan fiction archives.

Here's an amusing little tidbit: on our official government records of where we live, it says that in the past year or two alone, we've lived : Two places in Jersey, Two in New York, One in Florida, and one here. Now, I've moved a lot - 3 times in about a year and half (NY, FL, NC), but not SIX! Hahaha. I think they mixed up my dad's moves with ours. Quite humorous, and a bit bizarre.

EDIT: It's the next day. I really apologize for just cutting off the entry - I got distracted! Haha, I always end up doing that. Anyway, I'll write more later. Ciao! - Kendall

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"She said 'I can sing this song so blue that you will cry, in spite of you...'" [Sunday
09/24/06 - 4:23am]
[ mood | okay ]

Wow, it's been a long time since I last updated. Ah, what to say? It was an interesting summer - full of some incredible ups, as well as uncertain downs. A summer full of high and lows, crazy road trips, blistering sun, chilly New York nights; the pulsing life, beaches, shopping, traffic, I-95, and sunsets of my Miami; the old fashioned charm of Newport, the beloved New Jersey smog, the trepidation I still feel about the future....and everything I've learned from this. What a summer.

Now it's September. I just returned from another trip, though reality is starting to set back in. It's getting colder, and a few leaves have started to change - a little disarming for me, since this is my first fall in two years. I've been worrying and stressing too much lately...I really have no idea what the future has in store for me, or where I'll be in a few weeks, a month, a year....I'm learning, though, to just live life for the day. The future doesn't matter too much - as long as you appreciate the moment, you'll feel okay with instability....it's the only thing that makes you wake up and really, truly think about new things and learn about yourself. To hell with traditional learning - abandon all familiarity, and the road ahead will become enlightening.

I've now lost 32 pounds. I feel really great, and I'm only about 10 pounds away from looking lovely and slim, though I want to lose a bit more. I'm quite happy with the way I'm looking and feeling.

There isn't much new as far as any hobbies or interests go. New York Fashion Week has come and gone; during the whole week I was practically glued to New York Magazine's coverage. Models, drama, parties, clothes....ah, gotta love Fashion Week.

Not really any updates in the HP universe - no exemplary fan fiction of OOTP filming to report.

The 9/11 anniversary made me really miss home. That day, I was surrounded by people who didn't know what it really meant - the loss, the pain, the waiting....All I wanted was to be back in New York, with friends and family who were affected by it too and understand. 9/11 makes me appreciate that my family are safe and close; it even made me deeply appreciate my father for the day, however absent from my life he may be. The five year anniversary just reminded me of waiting for him to call, not sure if he was alive. Overall, I was just deeply sad for my fellow New Yorkers, yet grateful for everything I have.

Which reminds me, my suspicions were right...Dad got divorced again. Esa took Tiger and moved back to Hong Kong. I already miss little Tiger, he's the sweetest, cutest puppy in the world.
I do feel bad for dad; he seems pretty depressed.

Well, that's really all I have to say for now. School is monotonous. That's all there is to report on that front.
It's 5:00 am, I really ought to get to sleep now...Until next time! - Kendall, Your Eternally Strange Insomniac.

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Home, Sweet Home [Saturday
06/10/06 - 2:12am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

You Belong in New York City

You're an energetic, ambitious woman.
And only NYC is fast enough for you.
Maybe you'll set yourself up with a killer career
Or simply take in all the city has to offer.

Ah, home, sweet home. Who would think that LJ/blog tests can be so accurate? Haha.
(You have to highlight the area below the picture to see the description - the damn text is the same color as my background.)

It's about 2:00 am. I have to go wrap Dad's presents now so I can send them out tomorrow. I'll try to give a full update later.

Alas, summer is finally here!
Gute Nacht... - Kendall
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"Ballerina, dance softly, She knows to come only when she's called, Slowly, I'm coming too..." [Saturday
06/03/06 - 10:14pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

Ah, let's see what's I can tell you that's new. I figured I had time for a quick update, so alas, here it is.

I'm still only at 19 pounds. I can't seem to hit the 20 pound mark - damn, stubborn body! I suppose it doesn't help that I've been exceedingly stressed out lately....nor does it help that Dad sent me a box of Douglas Fudge from Wildwood. That just made me even more depressed - the fact that he is continuing old traditions with his new family. I guess none of this is so new. I should be used to his flaws now. Generally, I am. I accept things. However, it's little things like this - realizing he is enjoying the last place we went as a family - with someone else, that gets to me. The thing about divorce is that you never really get over it. You think you do, you pretend; you bury feelings deep inside, you block out memories. Then a little thing makes you realize that the dull throb of the pain isn't sharp or new, but it's still there - you've just hidden it so well, that you mercifully forget it's there for some of the time.

Anyway, enough of my pathetic, depressing nostalgia. Back to weight loss. Even though I haven't hit 20 yet (hopefully this week), I'm really looking better - I can't believe that just a few months ago I was so out of shape and horrid looking. I truly look and feel so much better now.

We're going back to Florida in about a week or so. We're going to stay in Miami for a few days (on Miami Beach or SoBe), then of course spend a few days in Coconut Grove with Aunt Debbie. I'm also stopping back in Coral Springs. It'll be kind of weird to be back...so far, I liked living there better than here. But mainly I'm stopping in Coral Springs to go to the salon. These people in North Carolina know absolutely nothing about beauty; they really screwed up my eyebrows. As a result, I've been letting them grow in a bit - they look horrible right now - so that Mariluse can wax them back into their old shape. Plus, I just miss the salon - what a great group of people; I wish I could take them with me every where we moved. That said, I'm really looking forward to being beautified again, haha. I also can't wait to hit the beach - I miss the ocean so much, it's indescribable. It'll also be fun to get some good ribs, seafood, and gelato (hey, it can't hurt to break my diet for a few days.) I'm also going shopping to get some new things - DKNY and Ralph Lauren clothes that can't be found here, as well as some things that I may not fit in now, but can aspire to within a few weeks.

I've seen The Da Vinci Code twice now. I don't know why critics hate it; I think it was great. It stays true to the book while adding interesting new elements, and the acting is superb. Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou were perfect for Langdon and Sophie. And oh, don't get me started on Paul Bettany...he was completely brilliant as Silas. Silas is definitely one of my favorite characters - throughout the book, I could never hate him as a villain; I always felt pity and interest for him. He only acted the way he did because his whole life had basically been one unlucky deal of cards - yes, he was obsessed with ridiculous notions, but it's only natural for people to be devoted to the one thing that brought some meaning back to their life. I felt Paul Bettany conveyed this part of Silas wonderfully, and he was, of course, very beautiful in the process. Hmm, I seem to have a thing for tall, pale, blond, beautiful eyed, slightly sadistic men, haha.

Moving on to my Harry Potter fandom update....Helena Bonham-Carter replaced Helen McCrory as Bellatrix, since McCrory is pregnant. It's weird, a few months ago I had a dream that Helena Bonham-Carter replaced her. I'm glad for the change in cast - Helen McCrory is a good actress, but she just wasn't how I pictured Bella to look at all. I think that Helena Bonham-Carter is more on target looks wise, and she's an excellent actress as well. I really am ecstatic over this castign change. Other than that, there hasn't been much HP news, at least none important enough to impart here.

I've spent the last hour or so reading about the history of tea on Wikipedia. I really need some new hobbies. Still, it was quite fascinating. I've also made a list of the many delicious teas I have yet to try. At least tea is more healthy than vast amounts of espresso.
Celestial Seasonings has a few really fascinating new tea blends I'm going to try.

I presented my project the other day. I hate speaking in front of classes and peers; it makes me so nervous. Overall, though, I think I did okay. My problem is that when I'm nervous, I tend to talk too much about history, rather than summarizing basic facts. I guess that's just the strange history geek in me, though. Ultimately I did better than I expected myself to.

I got Leona Naess and Charlotte Martin albums the other day in Barnes and Noble. They're both really great singer/songwriters. Leona Naess is a bit more cutting edge pop/rock/folk, while Charlotte Martin is more in the lovely voice and gorgeous piano ballads genre. I recommend both. When I'm in Florida, I'm going to pick up Hungry Lucy and A Girl Calledy Eddy; I can't find them around here.

Not much else is new in my life. Just the usual feeling of being discontented, and the increasing urge to move again; to keep drifting. Lately I feel like I have become Holly Golightly. But I'm coming to realize that it's not such a bad thing...I choose to embrace my wanderlust and uniqueness. As of late, I don't know where I'm going, or where I'll end up, but I've learned to take things day to day. If you don't live for the moment, you'll get too wrapped up in other times and miss all the little details that make this moment interesting.

Well, I've said enough...as usual, probably too much. I'll try to update again in a few days or so. Until then....

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"I'm stuggling to cater for the space I'm meant to fill, and distance doesn't care..." [Tuesday
05/23/06 - 4:34pm]
[ mood | drained ]

take the psi-q psychic test yourself

That was an interesting quiz; it seemed quite accurate - I seem most in tune to my clairvoyant side than anything else.

Today was horrid. I had another dizzy spell. I didn't even have any orange juice on me to raise my blood sugar level. I'm a mess lately, haha. Oh, well.

The Producers came out last week. I adore it so very much; it's completely hilarious, and Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane are simply the kings of modern day musical comedy. I am still perplexed that it failed at the box office. Then again, a large percent of wonderful movies are ignored by the public. It just goes to show you how pathetic this society is.

I have now lost 19 pounds. My next weigh in is tonight; I hope I go over 20 pounds. I've also been exercising a lot this week. It's weird, working out actually makes me feel invigorated.
Speaking of health, I've got these great new chewable vitamins that taste exctly like chocolate. If I didn't know better, I'd have eaten the whole box, thinking they were some kind of toffee or something, haha.

The Preakness Stakes last Saturday was so sad. Barbaro is such a great horse; it's so unfair that he was injured so badly. He needed 23 screws in his ankle alone to reconstruct the leg, and his canon bone was fractured as well. However, the surgery seems to have gone well. I hope he makes a full recovery.

Only two more weeks till summer officially starts for me. I can't wait; I've been way too stressed and busy with mindless matters lately. I'll hopefully go back home to New York and Florida to visit.

I haven't been able to sleep at all for the past few nights. However, it wasn't so bad on Monday night, since I had the new MuggleCast to listen to. This week's episode is great. The character discussion is my beloved, evil Death Eater - Lucius Malfoy. The MuggleCasters discussed some interesting theories concerning him; it was fun to listen to.

Not much else is new in the Harry Potter fandom - none of my favorite fics have been updated lately.
However, in recent news, the remains of a dinosaur have been name Dracorex Hogwartsia to honor Harry Potter. Talk about an strange clash between history and pop culture.

I should probably begin my history paper, but I'm much too tired right now. For now, I'm content to peruse interesting names on behindthename.com and listen to music on my Ipod for all of eternity. Or at least until I fall asleep.

I apologize for this somewhat sparse update; I'm just fatigued. I'll update in a few days and try to impart many lively, fascinating tales. Bis dann, Auf Wiedersehen, mein liebling.

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05/14/06 - 12:17pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I finally fixed my live journal. The beautiful new layout is credited to the wonderful and talented Moonshadow Designs.

My back is killing me. I have no idea why it hurts so much. I haven't strenuously exercised within the past few days; nor have I lifted anything heavy or felt a muscle being pulled. It simply started aching last night, and grew steadily worse as the night went on. It hurt so much to lay down that I couldn't sleep. Right now it isn't as bad as last night, but there is still this horrid, dull, persistent ache. If it's still like this tomorrow, I'll probably go to the doctor.

Ah, I'm just too stressed. Whenever I get stressed, which is quite often lately, I get sick. I need to try to take it easy and relax.

I caught the last 45 minutes of Breakfast At Tiffany's on AMC this morning. I adore that film; it continues to be one of my absolute favorites. I wish I had woken up earlier to see the whole thing. It's on again at midnight, so I'll probably watch it later - I can never sleep anyway; there really isn't much point in trying.

Speaking of movies, I saw All That Jazz for the first time a few days ago. I know, it's sad - I'm a theater person and I had never before seen All That Jazz. But needless to say, I loved it. What an amazing, interesting, awesome movie.

I watched most of Nanny McPhee last night. I thought it would be odd, and it is, but so far I like it. It's funny that both Emma Thompson and Imelda Staunton are in it - Professor Trelawney and Umbridge, haha.

I've been trying to find The Mystery of Edwin Drood cast recording, but it's impossible. I hate it when a show's album is out of print; it's such a bother. I fell in love with the song "Moonfall," and want to hear the whole show.

Speaking of music, I've been listening to a lot of good things lately. Emiliana Torrini's album "Fisherman's Woman" is amazing. She has an interesting, almost childlike, haunting voice, and the theme of a woman going mad after her sailor lover dies at sea is disturbing, touching, and magnetic. I highly recommend it.

KT Tunstall is also a promising new artists. Check out her songs "Under The Weather," "Silent Sea," and "Through The Dark" to sample her music. She's got a powerful alto; her voice is very blues-y, yet she has this fierce rock/pop edge.

I've also been listening to Jem's debut "Finally Woken." It's sort of Dido-esque, but much more sad, deep, and trippy.

I was looking at colleges lat night when I couldn't sleep. Marymount Manhattan College looks awesome; it's a small, liberal arts school on the Upper East Side; with a great performing arts program, as well as a Publishing Masters. NYU and Columbia are so overrated. Pace and Hunter are both rather good schools, but so far Marymount sounds ideal for me.

So, today is Mother's Day. The weather is lovely; there's a beautiful breeze, so we'll probably go to a park and sit for a little while. Then we're going to Applebee's for dinner. There are better places to eat, but Applebee's has the Weight Watchers menu, so it's easier to stay on one's diet, haha. Overall it should be a nice day.

I took a few quizzes on Quizilla out of boredom the other day; mostly "Which character from 'A Great and Terrible Beauty' are you?" I got Felicity three times, Gemma twice, Ann once, and Miss Moore once. That's generally what I thought, I'm most similar to Felicity and Gemma than anyone else.

I also took a "Which Death Eater Are You?" test and got (drum roll, please)....my beloved, Lucius Malfoy. I snickered and smiled in guilty, elated glee. Oh, how I adore Malfoy senoir. So incredibly cold, calculating, powerful, dangerous, alluring, and delicious....

I also took a "Which Female Harry Potter Character Are You?" quiz. I'm a mix of Hermione, Luna, Narcissa, and Bellatrix. (Therefore, it confirmed what is true about me - I'm bookish, quiet, and thirst for knowledge; I'm slightly mad and eccentric, and can often be found alone and day dreaming; I can be excessively vain, petty, superior, and snotty; I sometimes crave power and become obsessive about certain things; and overall I care deeply about the few people I associate with and stand up for what I believe in. Yes, that's definitely a mix of Hermione, Luna, Narcissa, and Bella if I ever saw one!)

Grrr, my back still hurts. I think I shall go now. It's late, and alas, I must get ready for the day. Adieu, darlings.

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05/13/06 - 12:47pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Knockout Exchanging Naughty Delights and Arousing, Lustful Loving

Haha, that's great. I love things like that.

I have to change my layout again, so I'll give a full update later.

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05/11/06 - 5:31pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

So, I'm finally updating. Sorry for the delay, but there really hasn't been much to tell. Life continues on in its mundane, monotonous routine here.
I'm not that crazy about North Carolina so far. Let's just say that after spending my life in NY and then nearly 2 years in South Florida, this is quite a cultural adjustment. I didn't think I would say this, but lately I've actually been pining for Coral Springs. I think it's just natural to miss the last place you lived, even if you didn't like it much - it's easy to love things from afar. Plus there's just a nice security in knowing where you're going, or knowing you have family nearby. Alas, things will pick up. And if not, we'll simply move again. I try to live my life for the moment, to just appreciate each day. I have no idea where I'll be this time next year, but it's kind of a cool feeling -a creative drifter; a 'citizen of the world,' haha. It's better to take each day as it comes than to settle down for a long time and be discontent in the quietness.

Hmm, let's see what is new. During spring break I went back to New York to visit relatives. It felt really odd to be back in that area. I thought it would feel like home, but it didn't any more. Anyway, it was nice to see family.

I'm happy that spring is here. The weather is absolutely divine. We went to the Biltmore Estate a few weeks ago to see their gardens. It was absolutely gorgeous; there were over 30,000 tulips in bloom in addition to a beautiful azalea garden.

I've now lost 17 pounds, which was my 10% goal. I'm so happy; I look and feel so much better. I've only got 15 pounds left to lose, which I'll hopefully have off by fall. I've actually been eating a lot; I've just been eating healthier food and exercising. I really like my healthier lifestyle.

Oh, I have book recommendations. I recently read A Great and Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels, the first two books in a trilogy, by Libba Bray. They are fantastic. The author artfully mixes magic, fantasy, the Victorian era, boarding school life and London in 1895, friendship, love, horror, and suspense. Being the magic aficionado I am, I'm always looking for an interesting new read. This one heightened my reading pleasure with its lovely, haunting prose and superb depiction of the Victorian era. Here is an Amazon description for A Great and Terrible Beauty, the first novel:

"It’s 1895, and after the death of her mother, 16-year-old Gemma Doyle is shipped off from the life she knows in India to Spence, a proper boarding school in England. Lonely, guilt-ridden, and prone to visions of the future that have an uncomfortable habit of coming true, Gemma’s reception there is a chilly one. To make things worse, she’s been followed by a mysterious young Indian man; a man sent to watch her. But why? What is her destiny? And what will her entanglement with Spence’s most powerful girls — and their foray into the spiritual, magical world of the realms — lead to?"

Now, moving on to my favorite fandom....Harry Potter. Both Invictus and Ascent were updated within the same week. Needless to say, I was out of my mind with joy. After all of that time with no updates for either of my favorite fics, it was a wonderful, sadistic overload to find both updated. Ascent continues to be intriguing as Hermione's life as Voldemort's Medicus progresses, and the new chapter of Invictus is absolutely terrifying, maddening, and interesting. I can't say enough about them! Go read them now.

There isn't much news as far as OOTP filming goes, though Trelawny was confirmed the other day. I can't wait till they divulge more information on the film!

I saw Friends With Money the other week. Jason Isaacs was as beautiful as always, and the script was witty and intelligent, with wonderful acting.
I'm really looking forward to a lot of upcoming summer films - Pirates of the Caribbean, Poseidon, The Lake House, The Devil Wears Prada, and The Da Vinci Code.

EDIT: It's now a few hours later. I always seem to do this - I start a journal entry, get preoccupied with something, and ultimately return to finish said entry.

I was going to switch to the new free ad account that gives you more icon space and access to voice posts, but the ad pushed my entries over the border of the layout. I really want the extra icon space; perhaps I'll get a new layout this weekend and see if it will work. Ah, what a person will do for icons! I love collecting interesting icons, though, it's become a strange hobby of mine.

I should go; I have to wake up early tomorrow. Perhaps I'll just drink an excessive amount of espresso again. I tried the Starbucks double shot espresso that they sell in stores. It was so delicious and revitalizing that I had two yesterday morning....that was a mistake. There was so much caffeine in just two small shots, I was twitching, jumpy, and nervous all morning, haha. One has to love coffee.

Well, I must bid adieu now. I will try to update again this weekend. Auf Wiedersehen! :)

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05/09/06 - 4:40pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You?

You're a Slytherclaw!: By nature you are rational and a realist. Some people may call you cynical and elitist but this doesn't matter to you. You don't depend on other people's opinions to determine how you live your life. You are generally cautious and prefer to weigh the consequences before you act. In conflicts you prefer to remain neutral and aloof. You value intelligence and you are a natural diplomat, you can convince people to do what you want them to do. Your weakness is that you sometimes think more with your head than with your heart and it leads to isolation. With the intelligence of a Ravenclaw and the subtlety of a Slytherin you will be sure to achieve all your goals!
Take this quiz!

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| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

This is so true; it's completely me. I don't know why, but I find a slightly sadistic pleasure in taking Harry Potter sorting tests.

I know it's been a long time since I've updated, but unfortunately, now is not the time. I feel horrible. Three cheers for Midol, Chocolate, and fries, at least.
(Speaking of food I shouldn't be eating, I've now lost 17 pounds! I'm looking and feeling great lately).

I'll try to give a full, detailed account on the proceedings of my life within the next few days. Till then....
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04/20/06 - 3:39pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I am going to post my test results from The Leaky Cauldron's ultimate Harry Potter quiz. Drum roll, please....

Needless to say, I am quite pleased. It was much more difficult than I had anticipated, though; it took quite a bit of brain power to remember some of the more obscure details. This high score (most people I've talked to got Acceptable) proves that I officially have no life....I have happily forsaken it to be a part of the Harry Potter fandom. :)

I realize it has been quite some time since my last update. I will try to give a full, detailed update about my strange sojourns sometime within the next day or two. Until then....Kendall

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"But this life was not for you, though I learned from you, That beauty need only be a whisper..." [Saturday
02/25/06 - 7:34pm]
[ mood | drained ]

This past week has felt very long and drawn out. I've been quite sick with a stomach virus for the past few days, though I've also had nosebleeds; and a spell of dizziness and disorientation where I felt like I might faint. I don't believe it's anything serious - I've just been so stressed lately. Stress can make a person more ill than anything else. I shouldn't worry so much. I feel much better now, though; I think whatever I had in my system has passed through.

Not much is new. I bought the Rent DVD on Tuesday, of course. It has some great special features, the highlight of course being the documentary on Jonathan Larson's life and the creation of Rent. It was so beautiful and moving. I like the deleted scenes as well. I wish Goodbye Love had been kept, though, it was a gorgeous, sob invoking scene.

My Katie Melua import arrived a few days ago. "Piece By Piece" is a truly amazing album. Katie Melua has a lovely voice, and the songs range from playful pop tunes, jazz and blues songs, to sad, beautiful ballads. It's been a good few weeks for music, as my Keren Ann, Marina V, and Katie Melua albums all arrived around the same time. I also really like the artists Jem and KT Tunstall; I'll probably order their newest albums next.

I slept in very late today, as I always do on Saturday. I really needed the sleep after the past week. Then I woke up, had some light hot chocolate with a few mini marshmallows, went to the park, and then went to Waldenbooks. Waldenbooks has a good selection, but it's small; I really miss Borders.
I've now lost 6 and a half pounds on my diet. Eating healthy has made me feel much better. I think it definitely helped to get that illness out of my system faster, too. I've been living on strawberries and apples lately, haha.

The old movie theater is showing Goblet Of Fire, so I went to see it again the other day. I believe it was the fourth time I've seen it, haha. I love Voldemort and the wonderful, though brief, Lucius action. :) If I had it my way, in book 7 Hermione would end up with Voldemort or Lucius, Ron would disappear, and we'd see more of Bellatrix. Unfortunately, probably none of the above will happen. But hey, why quell wishful thinking? Hahaha.
I am in complete withdrawal - as of now, ALL of my favorite fics have ceased to be updated. I have read quite a few good one shots, though.
To continue on the topic of writing and stories, my muse seems to be returning to me - I'm writing more than I was in Florida, though it's definitely not anything I'm ready to share yet.

One thing I've noticed lately is that in literature and other types of art, all the best, enigmatic characters seem to be named Alice. Right now all of my favorite things are involved in some way with an Alice - I'm reading Alice in Wonderland, Keren Ann's album "Nolita" revolves around a mysterious woman named Alice, and Closer, one of my favorite recent films and plays, has the interesting, complex character of Alice (well, eventually Jane. But it's still the same principle.) It's ironic how things in life appear all at once - sort of like when you hear a phrase or word for the first time, and suddenly you seem to see, read, and hear it everywhere. Then you wonder "Is it just a strange coincidence that I'm noticing this all the time, or was it always there; and with my ignorance of the concept, did I just fail to perceive it?" There's never any certain way to tell.

I don't have much else to say. I feel a bit listless. I'm probably still a bit tired from being sick; so I apologize that this entry wasn't more engaging. I'll update with more to say in a few days.
Until then....Kendall

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"Making up lies to be left alone, And Chelsea burns, Chelsea burns, Under my feet...." [Sunday
02/19/06 - 7:59pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I saw Rent in Asheville on Thursday night. The whole day was a lot of fun. We drove to Asheville around 3:00 pm and walked around for a few hours first. It's a great little city; there are so many interesting shops, organic markets, and restaurants. My highlight of the afternoon was going to The Chocolate Fetish, where I sampled the most delectable, intoxicating truffles I have ever tasted. No wonder the Los Angeles Times rated them some of the best truffles in the country. The French Silk truffle in particular was to die for. One thing I always wonder is why so many people dislike dark chocolate. I really do prefer it over milk chocolate. Dark chocolate is rich and deliciously bitter; the cocoa is much more tangible. I love dark chocolate, hahaha. Needless to say, this little venture was not good for my diet, but it was a treat that I appreciated, at least. Visit their website, and prepare to have your mouth water. www.chocolatefetish.com
I also found a great shop, Cosmic Visions, on Wall Street, an old tiny cobblestone street. It had a great selection of crystals, eastern jewelry, incense, candles, astrological charts and pictures, tarot cards, books ranging from reincarnation to magic to holistic healing to fairies, and much more. It reminded me a lot of Sunshine Studios back in New York.
We spent the rest of the time generally just walking around until it was time to go to the theater.
Now, I'll move on to Rent....
It was quite a good performance. Overall, I enjoyed seeing it on stage again. However, it did have its flaws, mostly lying in the cast. The guy playing Roger was a good singer, but I wasn't that impressed with his acting. The actor portraying Mark was good enough, but his performance wasn't anything memorable. The biggest problem was the actress playing Mimi - she was very inconsistent. She sang a nice Light My Candle, but her Out Tonight was not good. She did have a good voice, but she seemed to be very nervous and self conscious on stage, so her voice didn't live up to its potential. She also over acted, especially during Without You. Maybe Daphne Rubin-Vega, Rosario Dawson, and Karmine Alers have just spoiled me. Another thing I didn't like was that the Seasons Of Love soloist didn't hit the high C; she just kept belting "love" loudly in her chest voice. However, these are just a few things. The performance was, overall, very good. The ensemble was amazing, and when the whole cast was ons stage together, it was pure magic. The girls playing Maureen and Joanne were perfect; their TMOLM was one of the most powerful I've ever seen. Collins was perfectly cast as well. Ultimately, it was a great performance. I'm so glad I got to see Rent on stage again.

I rented Elizabethtown the other day. I was quite skeptical, as I generally can't stand Orlando Bloom. I've always thought he had very little talent, so I definitely wasn't expecting what I saw in Elizabethtown. It's one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. It is funny, sad, happy, truthful, and though provoking all at once. It's got a brilliant script, and embodies all the maddening, trivial little aspects that make up life. I was surprised to see that Orlando Bloom really can act well; Hollywood just gives him bad roles. The supporting cast was great as well. I highly recommend Elizabethtown.

Right now in the Harry Potter world, people are freaking out because apparently Gary Oldman had not yet been confirmed for Order of the Phoenix. Sirius is one of the most important factors in OOTP, so this is understandable. I hope Oldman does return to play Sirius, but it wouldn't bother me too much if they had to find another actor. Sirius has never been one of my favorite character. Of course, I like Sirius. But liking a character doesn't make them my favorite; on the contrary, I love characters that are ruthless and mysterious. For example, Bellatrix, Lucius, and Voldemort perhaps aren't likable to the vast majority of Harry Potter readers, but they are my favorite characters that I love dearly - they're so much more interesting than the blandness and predictability of Ron, for example.
Anyway, WB seems to be doing an excellent job with casting the film so far, so I doubt they're going to drop Gary Oldman at this point in the films.

I spent the whole day inside today. I didn't even change from my pajamas. It was kind of nice to simply have a lazy weekend day. This house is so cold, though. I never knew old houses were this freezing, though it makes sense, given the struture of old buildings. It's funny, I wear my pajamas, slippers, cashmere sweaters, and my bathrobe constantly....I live in them lately, haha.
Not much else is new. I haven't felt very well. I suppose it's a combination of cramps, aches, stress, and frustration. I've been feeling a bit let down and lonely lately. But no matter, these things pass.

I stayed up late last night watching old QAF episodes. I really miss that show. Showtime was playing the episode from the last season where Brian proposes to Justin. The last season waas truly fantastic. I really wish it didn't end, it could have easily had another successful season. Ah, well - at least I can compulsively watch every single episode on dvd, haha.

My Keren Ann and Marina V cds arrived the other day, so I've had great music to listen to. Now I'm just waiting for my Katie Melua UK import to arrive. I love Keren Ann's album "Nolita" - it sounds completely different from "Not Going Anywhere." I love it when artists try different sounds. "Nolita" is great, and has a Velvet Underground-ish feel to it. It's pretty much one big tribute to New York (with some French thrown in, of course), and it captures the spirit well. Listening to it is making me miss home, though...

Edit: It is now the next day. I didn't finish the entry last night; I got preoccupied. Isn't it funny how distance and life can change people; how easy it is to lose touch? Life is strange. That is all - it's simply strange. One thing I love about moving is that it changes who I am every few months - I learn new things about myself all the time. It's an odd process, but invigorating in some inexplicably way.
I heard from Jess last night. It was really nice to hear how she was doing; it's been awhile since I've heard from her. It's nice to hear from old friends.

The Rent DVD comes out tomorrow. I can't wait! I'm very excited to watch all of the special features, and of course, the film itself. I still think it's so unfair that the film wasn't recognized for any awards. Not only was it a great adaptation of the musical, but it truly came into its own as a beautiful film about life, love, friendship, and awareness. It's awful the way it was ignored. Oh well. I'll always love it, and as long as people continue to see the show, Rent will always live on.
looking forward to the cast commentary on the DVD a lot, and the deleted scenes should be great.

Oh, I forgot to mention my beautiful new layout. How does everyone like it? I love fairies, and particularly loved this layout and design. I got it from the wonderful, talented community Moonshadow Designs.

I'll end this entry now. It's slightly shorter than my last few, which is a good thing. I have the tendency to ramble, haha. I'll try to update again in a few days. Until then...Kendall

"She was the...the patron saint of 23rd Street...."

"Whether we were lost or overwhelmed
Nobody knows that I'm better off
Making up lies to be left alone
And Chelsea burns
Chelsea burns
Under my feet...."

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02/05/06 - 5:13pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

So, here I am once again. This update isn't as soon as I had promised, but I've been quite busy; I hope it isn't too belated. Where to begin...

I've started in my new school. The prospect of a new school isn't too daunting for me, as it's my third school within the past 15 months. This actually isn't a negative thing - I like change and new places; so a change of scenery is fine with me. One thing I've learned is that most schools are generally the same, and therefore it is a petty, useless thing to waste my nerves on. I like the school enough so far - class sizes are much smaller than New York and Florida, and everyone seems nice enough. I am continuing my German classes online through Oklahoma University....a New Yorker, who relocated to Florida, then relocated to North Carolina, where she takes classes online through Oklahoma University....you can't say I'm not learning about different cultures, haha. Anyway, I really enjoy taking German online - I get to go to the library around 2:00 pm, and as I'm generally alone, it's quite peaceful. My favorite class is Theater, of course - my teacher is great; he seems to have a lot of interesting plays and projects for us.

Other aspects of my life in North Carolina are going well enough. Every new place takes some getting used to, of course. For example, some of the extremely high, narrow mountain roads completely freak me out, haha. Luckily, most of these roads lead to mountain parks and towns, and thus can esily be avoided, since I don't have much desire to be on the highest point of the mountains, haha. But the views of the mountains are absolutely stunning; they look so beautiful, and the air up here just smells so fresh and pure. It's so mild here in the day - it's usually in the 50s. However, we might get snow tomorrow. I really hope we do - I miss the snow and biting cold so much.
I don't miss Florida much, but there are a few things I pine for - the ocean, for one. The mountains are beautiful, but I do miss the sea. Also, this sounds silly, but I miss Borders - there isn't a Borders here, so it's harder to find the type of music and books I like, plus Borders is just a great, quiet place to spend time and read. Now I'll probably have to order all of my European imports and rare cast recordings online. However, there are definitely advantages to living here. I have 4th row tickets to see Rent when the tour comes to Asheville on February 16. I am so excited; I haven't seen it on stage since last July. Asheville really is a cool city; it always seems to have a great deal of artsy and cultural events going on.

However, I've been a bit nervous and frustrated for the past few days. It seems unfair how so many things can go wrong lately. However, I suppose moving always puts extra stress on people. I just need to take a breath, try to be a little less negative, and appreciate things.

I saw Brokeback Mountain last week. It truly was a great film. It was directed beautifully, and the acting was superb. The characters and their flaws all felt very real in a sincere way. The fact that an Oscar nominated movie honestly shows a relationship between a gay couple is a huge step. It was a beautiful film; I highly recommend it.

Speaking of movies....the Order of the Phoenix casting is official! I have been nervously awaiting this for months, and the decisions have finally been made. Here's my take on things:
Imelda Staunton will be a perfect Umbridge. She looks exactly as I pictured the character, and as Ms. Staunton is an esteemed actress, I think she'll be great in the role.
Evanna Lynch, a 14 year old Irish girl, was cast as Luna. I think she'll be a wonderful Luna - she definitely looks the part, and if she is a good actress, I'll be happy. I never thought of Luna as Irish, but I think it will actually add to the character.
Natalia Tena will be a good Tonks - she was great in About A Boy; she seems to be able to pull off the pink haired look, haha.
I am also thrilled to hear the announcement of the unknowns who will be portraying young Lily and young James; I can't wait to see who will play the young Snape, young Lupin, young Sirius, and young Wormtail. I am so happy that they are not going to cut Snape's Worst Memory, it's one of the most intriguing parts of OOTP, and, if done correctly, could be one of the best scenes on screen.
I am also happy to see announcements that Magorian and Grawp seem to have been cast. It seems that WB is actually not cutting anyone important this time - GOF had way too many character and plot cuts. I hope that Kreacher will be kept in. Anyway, so far I'm pleased with the cast list. Only one issue remains....

Bellatrix. Helen McCrory will be playing her in the film. Now, Bellatrix is one of my favorite characters, so of course I am concerned as to how she will be portrayed. My first thought was that Helen McCrory doesn't really look like the Bella I had pictured - I imagined Bellatrix having a much longer, gaunt face, and to be a bit more beautiful; or, at least, a malicious, slightly mad and slightly faded and wasted from Azkaban type of beauty. Helen McCrory is pretty, she just isn't how I pictured Bella. However, I have been assured that she's a marvelous actress, which is even more important. You can't have a weak actress playing Bellatrix. Therefore, this makes me feel more confident in the choice of McCrory - she's a great actress, which is esentially the most imperative point. Also, once she's all set in costume, hair, and make-up, I think she will look more like Bellatrix. I'll just have to wait and see.

I really can't wait for Order of the Phoenix to start filming, so those of us in the fandom can obsess over theories, filming reports, and pictures. I think that the Department of Mysteries and Beyond the Veil scenes will be amazing....Ralph Fiennes is the ultimate Voldemort; I can't wait to see him act in the battle with Dumbledore scene. Also, Jason Isaacs as Lucius is always absolutely delicious - he didn't have enough time in GOF; I can't wait to see him in the Department of Mysteries...."To me, Potter"....ah, got to love that cold drawl that matches those cold, beautiful eyes, haha. Oh, dear, I don't know what's come over me - I have such affection for dear Lucius lately, hehe.

Other news in the HP fandom that excites me is the 2007 Phoenix Rising conference. I think I'm going to go, it's in New Orleans next May. I think it'll be absolutely amazing and great fun; especially in such a great, bave, unique city.

Moving on to HP fan fiction - Ascent, Invictus, nor Quiet Revolution has been updated. I'm in withdrawal. Please, somebody recommend me a good story to keeep me occupied!

Not much else is new with my life. It's generally just finding my way around and learning about the area, going to appointments, going to school, watching movies, writing, and reading excessively.
I stayed up late watching Season 5 episodes of QAF on Showtime last night. The last season was truly brilliant; I really do miss the show. I hope Gale Harold continues to do interesting films and shows.
I rented In Her Shows and Corpse Bride this weekend. Both are fantastic movies. Just Like Heaven comes out on Tuesday - it's an awesome movie, I can't wait.

Hmm, let's see what else is occuring. Oh, I'm on a diet - I lost 4 pounds last week. I went to the doctor's, and I really haven't been in the best of health lately. Therefore, I've been trying to change some of my eating habits. I seem to be doing much better with it lately; I really want to be healthier.

Lately I've been immersed in European folk/pop/blues/jazzy music. I am in love with Keren Ann's music, it's so lush, mysterious, and beautiful. Her entrancing lyrics, lovely melodies, and delicate voice are truly amazing. While I was searching for other French singers similar to Keren Ann, I stumbled upon Marina V and Katie Melua. They both have a similar history - both grew up in Soviet Russia, and, despite the oppression, took delight in music. Both relocated eventually, Marina V to the US, and Katie Melua to London. It's funny that two of my favorite new artists have such a similar past. However, each has their own unique sound - Katie Melua sounds a bit more jazz influenced; while Marina V is more folk pop.
I can't wait to get Keren Ann's newest album, "Nolita." I highly recommend all of these artists.

Right now I really miss being in a musical. My school isn't doing a musical, and I haven't found another place like CSI yet, so I'm quiet restless. The theater always seems to keep my grounded and give me a goal to focus on and strive for. :(

Oh, I got my first official set of Tarot cards last week. I got the Fairy Ring kit. The cards are absolutely beautiful, the readings are accurate, and the fairy information in the accompanying book is fascinating. My favorite fairy right now is Lhiannan Shee.

I think that sums this entry up. I once again wrote more than I meant to...."shorter, more frequent updates" should be my mantra! Ah, well. I hope that informed you as to what I've been up to. Off I go, to finish writing an essay and to continue my wanderings in this new place. Until next time.... - Kendall

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"I always try to not remember rather than forget..." [Friday
01/06/06 - 4:39pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Today I will finally update my journal! I really do apologize for the exceedingly long delay - I know I promised to update sooner than this. Therefore, I shall inform you of the latest news and changes in my life.

December 16 was our performance of Cabaret. It was awesome. It's funny, a lot of us thought it was going to be our worst show, as we missed so many rehearsals due to the hurricane, but it ended up being spectacular. The cast, choreography, mood, audience response - everything was great. I hope the office remembers to send me the DVD. I wish I was able to do the dinner theater performances on Saturday, but I couldn't, as I had to move that morning. :(

Which brings me to the most prominent aspect of my life: moving. I am now writing to you from my new house in Asheville, North Carolina. So far I like it well enough. It's better than Florida - we really didn't like the heat, hurricanes, overpopulation, or traffic in South Florida. I'm not sorry I moved there - I got to participate in some great shows and learned a lot about myself within that year. That's one thing I like about moving - it shakes everything up. As you learn to navigate and settle into a new location, you also learn surprising new things about yourself. Much of the time, these new discoveries are small; yet ultimately the small pieces of a person are what refine them into who they truly are. Moving can be scary, frustrating, and horrid, yet with these ill forebodings comes a sense of cleansing that is hard to find. We figured that we'd give Asheville 6 months to a year, and if we don't like it, we can always move somewhere else. The concept of settling somewhere long term is a bit overrated - often people would rather choose comfort and stay in a place they don't like than to adjust to change.

Anyway, it's a very interesting area. I actually live in a small town that's right outside of Asheville. Asheville itself is an awesome city - it's small, hip, artsy, and very liberal, which I like. It has often been dubbed "San Francisco of the South" for its tolerance, acceptance, and culture. I'm right in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so it's absolutely gorgeous. The air always smells so clean and pure compared to Florida and New York. The views and nature scenery are also astoundingly lovely. Also, southern cooking is delicious....I don't know how they do it, but they sure can cook, haha.
Our house is beautiful. It was built in 1925, with hardwood floors, tall windows and ceilings, and a fireplace; yet it has a new, high tech kitchen and appliances. My room is a light yellow color, and it came with a mural of a garden gate and faeries painted on the walls. I chose not to paint over them - I love faeries and gardens. :)
That's not to say moving in is ever an easy feat. We discovered that due to the house's age, there weren't any connections for phone lines and computers. Thus we had to have them put in, which was confusing and took the company awhile. It's odd how much we depend on technology to keep in touch with the world - I was going crazy without my computer. However, everything is set up now, so I am comfortable enough. I'm not sure yet how I'll like it; I've only been here two weeks. However, it seems nice here so far. I'll try to update regularly to tell how everything is working out.

Christmas was okay - it just felt very strange, since we don't have any family here and it was our first week in the new house. However, the cold weather made it feel much more like the holidays; it didn't feel like Christmas at all in Florida. I received some nice gifts, the best including an Ipod Nano (which is awesome; it's so small!) and books, money, and gift certificates.
Dad came down to visit for New Years Weekend. That was nice. I think he actually likes it here, since the climate is moderate and the golfing is abundant, haha.

Within the past few months, many movies have been released. I know this is belated, but I will enclose my thoughts on GOF and Rent.
Let's start with Goblet of Fire. I'll begin with the things I like about it.
The young cast continues to be excellent - Dan Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, and the other young actors portraying students gave outstanding performances. They are truly capturing the changes that are occuring within the characters, as young people, and within the no longer safe wizarding world. It's interesting to see their acting develop with every movie.
Alan Rickman is always amazing as Snape; his interpretation and the way he has embraced Snape are fantastic - he truly becomes Severus Snape.
Ralph Fiennes was brilliant as Lord Voldemort. As Voldemort is one of the characters that interests me most, I was extremely anxious to see how he would be portrayed. I need not have worried - Fiennes was simply wonderful. He showed Voldemort's wit, his turbulent and sudden emotional changes, his quiet calculation, his anger, and his utter appreciation for life...The way Fiennes spoke, and especially the manner in which he moved, brought Voldemort's more sensual, snake-like mannerisms to life.

The special effects were great - the dragons and merpeople looked amazing. The Dark Mark was terrifying and remarkably done. On to he music - though I miss John Williams, the new score is very good. It's quite different, and perhaps isn't as multi-layered, yet it's nice enough to go along with the film and can be very powerful at time.

Overall, the best scene was the grave yard - though it was a bit short, it was extremely well done. The acting from every one was at its peak - Ralph Fiennes, Jason Isaacs, and Daniel Radcliffe were completely in character. The emotion, apprehension, fear, determination, anger, and violence that occured in the scene was perfectly captured. It took my breath away.

Now, on to the long list of everything in the film that I disliked.

1. The changes between scenes were much too sudden, especially in the beginning. One minute, we're at the Quiddict World Cup in August, and the next, it's Halloween and Beaubatons and Durmstrang students are arriving. It feels too rushed.

2. Michael Gambon's acting continues to disappoint me. You can tell he's never read any of the books. He's much too rough and stern - him grabbing and shaking Harry was ridiculous. Dumbledore is not a character of violence - Dumbledore has always been peaceful, fair, and mort softly spoken. When he is angry, a quiet, forceful radiance emanates from him....He isn't supposed to scream and shake students. At times, Gambon seems to understand Dumbledore, but at other times he's completely off. Therefore, Gambon's main fault is inconsistency.

3. The film didn't show any classes besides Moody's first DADA class. Though this scene was powerful, I honestly think the film need a few more class room scenes. In the film, I just didn't get the feel that I was in a school at all - they could have at least shown the Blast-ended Skrewt class with Hagrid and the students receiving a drastic increase in work. They cut too much from the beginning of the book.

4. Showing Barty Crouch, Jr. right in the beginning of the film was not a particularly good idea. It took away from the suspense.

5. Cutting Winky was a huge mistake. She is a huge part of the back bone of the plot.

6. I hated the fact that the entire back story of Barty Crouch Jr. and his father was left out during the Veritaserum scene. Because of this, Crouch's murder seemed insignificant in the film. It really only would have taken a few minutes for them to show Crouch Jr and his mother being switched through Polyjuice Potion, and to show Voldemort capturing Crouch Senoir. I mean, the reason Crouch Sr was acting so strange and ill was because he was fighting Voldemort's binds on him. Hell, they wouldn't have even have to have shown any of this, they could have just had Crouch Jr. quickly explain it under the influence of Vertiserum. It was a brilliant subplot, so I sorely missed its absence in the film.

7. Though Miranda Richardson was an excellent Rita Skeeter, the character was poorly written for the film. Excluding her article on Hagrid and Hermione finding her to be an unregistered Animagus was a mistake. It was another interesting subplot, and will, of course, affect how Harry's interview is portrayed in the Order of the Phoenix film.

8. Krum and Fleur seemed too one dimentional - they weren't the same humorous characters that were in the book.

9. Everything seemed too dark and enclosed. Though GOF is dark, Harry is still supposed to feel like Hogwarts is home. He isn't supposed to feel like it's not home until OOTP; so this could affect the next film.

10. Excluding "The Parting of the Ways" annoyed me most. It is a thrilling, fascinating scene that sets the stage for the next book. It is where the major coflict between Harry and the wizarding world's view of him occurs. When Fudge denounces Voldemort's return, a lot will change for Harry. It is a powerful scene, and I would have liked to have seen it on film.

Overall, I think the problem with the Goblet of Fire film was, once again, inconsistency. I am glad Newell is not directing the next one. Some scenes were fantastic, while others were too rushed and didn't tell enough of the story. I did like it very much, though, despite my complaints. I saw it three time, haha. However, I eagerly anticipate how Order of the Pheonix will be adapted to the screen. I am most worried about the casting for Bellatrix - she is one of my favorite characters, and I don't want to see her slighted.

Anyway, moving on to Rent. The Rent film was beautiful. As a Rent fan, I couldn't have asked for a better tribute to the show. The original cast members were as wonderful as ever, Tracie Thoms was powerful as Joanne, and Rosario Dawson's great acting made her an excellent Mimi. I of course missed the second part of Goodbye Love and Halloween, and regret that they were cut. However, I look forward to seeing them on the DVD. The rest of the songs all sounded great. There couldn't have been a better director to bring this to film - Columbus did an extraordinary job. It was shot in quite an interesting way, and included all of the grittiness and hardships of that time period. His love for Rent could really be seen in the film. It didn't made any apologies, and didn't try to conform to mainstream society, which is probably why it hasn't been a box office hit. But the film stayed true to Jonathan Larson's original vision of Rent, and the concept of "No day but today." The film truly captured the love, life, tragedy, humor, joy, pain, and friendship that Rent embodies. As a Rent fan, that's all I could ever hope to ask for. I am elated that the film was such a gorgeous tribute to the show.

Now that I've bored you with these long diatribes about movies, I will move on to another topic.

I am, lately, more obsessed with Harry Potter fan fiction than ever. I just can't get enough of it, if it's interesting and well written. My favorite fic, "Ascent," by Lunalelle (The sequel to the wonderful "Abyss") has not been updated in quite some time. I am in withdrawal - it's such an intriguing, intricately layered story. The character development never ceases to fascinate me. I hope it's updated soon.
In the meantime, I've been reading "Invictus" by Chthonia. It's simply brilliant. It is very distrubing, of course, but that only adds to the excellent plot and intriguing motives of both Lucius and Hermione. It kept me up reading a whole night. Though I was exhausted the next day, it was quite worth it. I highly recomment Invictus.

Not much else is new. I've just been so busy unpacking boxes, setting things up, and getting to know new steets. I'm really enjoying the winter weather; the brisk air feels so invigorating.
Oh, I forgot to mention that there's a large, well stocked library right near my house. I am having a lot of fun perusing the books! :)
Soon I'm going to loom for a place to continue my singing and dance lessons, as well as a new horse farm. I can't wait to ride around here; the mountain views and trails must be lovely.
I'll begin school on Monday, so that should be interesting.

I will now end my entry; it's much too long already. I figured I'd write a long update, since I haven't written here in months and months. The last time I wrote here was June, though that seems like it was yesterday...time flies! From now on I'm going to try to update with shorter entries so I can write more often. That way, everything I write will be current and I won't have to recall events.
Until next time.... - Kendall

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"The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure..." [Wednesday
12/14/05 - 2:33am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hello again, my long lost readers! I am sorry for the immense delay in updating. I have, alas, been very busy.

As you can see, I have changed the format of my journal. I am quite pleased with it; though I'll probably change the background photo. Anyway, I am quite happy to have finally mastered the technique of customizing a live jouranl. It took me long enough to figure it out, haha.

It is late, and I must apologize that this welcoming entry must be so short. I feel it is insubstantial after such a long absence. However, I am tired, and have a great deal to do tomorrow. I began to write an entry, but my computer erased it. Therefore, I leave you with the promise that I will write a long update within the next couple of days, detailing all that has occured in my life since I last wrote here.
In the mean time, I hope you enjoy perusing my new layout! Until next time... - Kendall

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"Only the shallow know themselves..." [Monday
06/27/05 - 11:06pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I must once again apologize for the long delay in updating! I suppose that trivial little things engage the mind and distract it from the other trivial little things in life. It's a constant war: which detail, which delicate, insignificant thought will win over the other one? Most of the time it is the least important, the smallest that is allowed to wander freely through the mind.

But there I go again, meandering on a tangent already!

There isn't too much to tell. Lately it seems my only social, outside life is going to the movies - mother works from 4 pm to 12 am Monday through Friday, so the hours are rather odd, and I am stuck inside. Also, it is much too hot to take a walk in Florida in summer. The heat is becoming unbearably oppressive, and with this heat comes a strange bout of heavy rain each day. The weather is atrocious.

Anyway, a few days ago I saw Bewitched. It was quite good, and very funny as well. Nicole Kidman is an admirable actress, and Will Ferrell is hilarious - he'll be great in The Producers.
I saw The Perfect Man with Mom yesterday. I originally went because she wanted to go, as I'm normally opposed to romance films with titles like that. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was actually quite good. It was unfairly mistitled; as the story really wasn't some gushy, sickening romance at all! It dealt more with the confusion and emotions that accompany finding yourself in life. I truly enjoyed it.

Dad came to visit on Saturday. He had flown down on business on Friday, so he spent Saturday with Darian and I in Coral Springs. We went out to lunch and went to see Star Wars. Star Wars was rather good - I hadn't seen the second prequel, so I'm sure I am somewhat behind. I'm not much of a science fiction person, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Seeing Dad was nice.

I was reading about the new SAT earlier. I am really quite pleased that it was changed; I think I'll do quite well on it. A whole new writing and essay section was added, and a good deal of the old math was taken away in favor of algebra. This is so pleasing - I know I will actually enjoy the reading and writing sections, because I am a strange person and am a grammar freak, haha. And algebra isn't too hard, so the prospects look good! I just thought I'd share this information for any high school student who is planning their academic future. Hmmm.

I am going to NY to see my dad from Thursday, July 7 to Sunday, July 10. It shall be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to it; I haven't really been doing anything fun this summer. We got second row (or third? It's row A, so it's either second or third) tickets to Rent! I am ecstatic; I cannot wait to see it! Unfortunately, no Phantom this time. :( But Rent will be worth it! I can't wait to see Tiger. The cooler weather will be a welcome relief, and spending time with Dad will be cool.

I fly back on Sunday, and start Anything Goes at CSI the next day. I can't wait! Anything Goes is a very fun, cheerful musical. I think we'll have a great time rehearsing and putting it together.

I can't believe that seven episodes of Queer As Folk have already passed! I have not yet informed my readers about the new season.
Season Five is awesome so far. It is getting better and better. I have spoken to a lot of fans who dislike this seasons so far. However, I am loving it. I think that each episode is becoming more intriguing and emotional. You can truly see the "boys" growing up now. The plot line continues to be superb and captivating. No, it isn't as fast paced, sexual, or exciting as the first few seasons, but that isn't a bad thing. It merely demonstrates the immense personal growth that the characters have experience in these past few years.

Justin finally left Brian in the last episode. It was quite a sad scene - the process was so cold and quiet, but Brian's mannerisms were heart breaking. Damn, I truly love his character more each season. He is just as complex as he used to be, but he is at the same time different. He's even more in denial of his feelings than he used to be, and as he gets older and sees that everything else is changing, it's harder for him to be so numb. Brian has always been a character that is in perpetual inner sadness and longing, though he won't let anyone see it; he barely lets himself know most of the time.
However, the scene when he found out that Justin was staying in Michael and Ben's new home was amazing. The way he screamed at Mikey was quite powerful, yet surprising - Brian has never really had to raise his voice before to make a point; normally he uses cold indifference or sarcasm. The look on his face was devastating when Michael shouted "He left because of you. Who wouldn't?!" It was such a sad exchange. I think that Brian was blaming Michael because Michael has finally completely slipped away from him, in some ways. Brian sees how happy Michael is with Ben, and realizes that he can no longer control him with dreams and past ties. And since Michael is his oldest friend who he has always loved, Michael is the most obvious person to let his anger out upon - he knows that Michael has always forgiven him, no matter what he has said.

This brings me to Michael's character this season. He and Ben bought a house and are truly settling into their new married life. However, the perfection was marred when Hunter's class mates found out that he was HIV positive, and Hunter ran away. I have never really like Hunter much ever since they took him in and adopted him; he has been ungrateful to them.
I'm not sure exactly how I feel about Michael this season; I am quite conflicted. He seems to be dropping Brian and some of his old friends in favor of his new married ones. Perhaps he is just maturing. Otherwise, not much else has happened with Michael besides the custody battle, which I will come to.

Lindsay, Melanie, and Michael's custody battle was a very interesting plot in the show. I am glad that it is over and resolved, but I, unlike other views, found it an intriguing conflict. I must say that during the process I truly disliked Melanie and Michael,; they treated Jenny Rebecca as if she was a prize to be won at a fair.

Lindsay's parents are the most horrid, hypocritical people in the world. They never respect her wishes. However, it seems at least that she and Mel are trying to be more peaceful now. It looks like in the next episode Melanie will begin to date a new woman - this will be quite strange. I wonder how it will play out. I know, from spoilers, of course, that Linds and Mel do get back together. I just don't see any sign of it right now! It's kind of distressing - since the beginning of the show, they have been the most constant, reliable couple. Things really turned upside down last season.

It seems that Drew will come back into Emmett's life. I adore Emmett this season! He adds so many bright moments and laughs to the show.
Ted is as pathetic as always. He had a mid-life crisis and had plastic surgery, but he looks exactly the same. His dealings with Troy were strange; I'm not yet sure what to make of it. I understand that he felt hurt by him, but at the same time, perhaps he should have just put the past behind him and given Troy a chance....after all, how often is it when Ted actually has some one interested in him? haha.

The Brian vs. Brandon competition will begin next week. I believe it is symbolic of many things - it is showing the line that Brian either has to cross to move ahead to the future, or to stay behind in his past life. The process of Brian and Justin reconciling (which, I know from spoilers, they will) should be a very important series of events. However, I don't want to see Brian lose his dignity by trying to become someone he's not...hmm, this emotional change he's facing should be fascinating to see unfold.

So far, season five has been eventful, intense, and hopeful. It is a wonderful last season. However, the fact that it is the last season is so disappointing! I could easily see QAF comfortably running for another season. Ah, well, I suppose I must enjoy it while it lasts. I can't believe that there are only six more episodes! :(

Haha, I am sure that I've bored you with my insufferable pondering.
The Rent movie trailer is in theaters noe - it's awesome, I command you to see it!
The official Rent blog is up - http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/rent/blog/
Also, this is a great board for info on the Rent film and the show - http://www.compulsivebowlers.org/boards/
This is an informative Rent movie site - www.forget-regret.net

I am so excited for the Rent film! It is only about four and a half months away now.

I was reading an article earlier about debate over what the World Trade Center site should become. A Drawing Center and an International Freedom Center have been proposed, but others are protesting this. In my opinion, there shouldn't be any building. People are fickle, selfish creatures. They take a building, and turn it into a place that they can use for their own influence, without regard to others. I believe, and always have, that there should simply be a park and a memorial with the names of all the found victims, and a tribute to the lost ones. There should be quiet, peace, and calm. There should be flowers; flowers that are not perfectly manicured, but are allowed to grow and expand and be wildly, hopefully beautiful. It should be a place of respect and dignity, where no one fights over silly political drawings or debates.

I am becoming more liberal with each passing day, but this of course means I'm exceedingly frustrated by the damn country's current state. It's so embarrassing to live in this country right now - I look forward to the 2008 election. There has been talk that Hillary Clinton will run. I hope she does - a female Democrat! That would be a dream come true.

I can't believe my birthday is in a few weeks. A year goes by so quickly. It's amazing how fleeting time is. Sometimes I think that I could just sit down in a quiet, tranquil, forgotten spot with nothing but a supply of good books. I could recline and read for hours and hours, and listen to music and sing. I would ponder and walk at night. I would stare up at the eternal moon and stars, and listen to the soft insistence of the rain. Then someone would come and wake me, as if from a deep state of sleep and dreams. I'd find out that a whole year had passed by unnoticed, perhaps even more time than that. It is strange the way that this world has built itself to revolve around time. It could be so easy to disregard it all. The minutes and ticking of the clock could melt away into nothing. If one could find inner peace and fulfillment from within, this loss of time could mean nothing. Everything could just pass by.

Hmm, now that I have bored you enough, I think I'll go read. I have a lot of books that I want to finish by the end of the summer - Madame Bovary, Les Miserables, Portrait Of A Lady, To The Lighthouse, Oliver Twist, Blood and Gold, and I want to read Mrs. Dalloway again. So many books, so little time!

Farewell for now!

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